the sweetest little handmade store on the internet
the sweetest little handmade store on the internet
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about us


Briar&Boone was founded to create high quality clothing and accessories for babies and young children. Everything is always designed by yours truly, meaning the pattern never comes from a store, and each piece is handmade. Our purpose is to create lasting pieces that can be worn over and over, and then passed on to the next little. You can purchase with confidence that each item is carefully and lovingly made. 

About the Business

For many years I toyed with the idea of starting a small business and selling handmade goods. At the urging of my husband and family I finally jumped in; Briar&Boone opened for business in April of 2018.
When I first launched my online store the only product I had was bibs. Now I have an arrangement of baby accessories and have dipped my toes into apparel. Initially I just designed a kuspuk pattern for Briar because I find them so beautiful and easy to dress her in (and I love that they are so uniquely Alaskan). I quickly realized how much other people loved them as well so they were added to the shop just a few months in. I discovered a passion for designing/sewing clothes when I began making the kuspuks. In the future you can expect to see more handmade apparel. 

About Me

My name is Shelby and this business is named after my two kiddos.  I live in Kenai, Alaska with my husband Mike, my kids, and a labradoodle named Pierce. I stay home with my kids full time. The ultimate dream is to grow this little business into a full time job that I will do once my kids start going to school.
Thank you for supporting my small business!